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[微魔·壹周刊]Rectified虽然网站是全英文界面,但应该是国人开设的,最近微魔收到他家的邮件(下文),邮件的大致内容是:Rectified的独立服务器业务被SharkTech收购,其他业务包括VPS,域名等转到ChangeIP。由于SharkTech本身就是这家的机房提供商,而ChangeIP也是他家近似“子公司”的存在,因此,配置、价格、迁移等都本不该出现问题(邮件中也是这么暗示的)。BUT,反转出现了,今天,微魔就发现自己在这家的廉价小鸡无法连接,而其他网友也陆续的反映了该问题,Rectified在自己官方的FB上也承认机器目前出现了问题(图1),原因归结为与机房商的“major legal conflict”(法律问题?);5个小时后,Rectified开始“哭惨”(机房商拒绝解释下掉机器的具体原因,也拒绝释放他们托管的服务器,图2),并称正在努力接洽新的亚洲优化的服务商并购进机器,以尽快解决客户的服务器;接下来(7小时后),Rectified再次更新FB(图3),声称自己没有被其他公司收购,所有的“被收购”讯息都是别有用心的。


那么问题来了,最初由Rectified发出来的,主题为“Sharktech.net is Acquiring Rectified.net”邮件到底应该如何解读?微魔使用仅有的6级渣渣英文水平重新揣度了一下,原来,邮件标题用的是“现在进行时”(划重点),也就是“SharkTech正在收购Rectified”,BUT,邮件开篇又使用了“现在完成时”(Rectified Networks has been acquired by Sharktech.net and our affiliate company, ChangeIP.com),即“Rectified已经被SharkTech和ChangeIP收购”,那么问题来了,到底收购了没有?微魔不多评论,只想说,这个问题真的很烧脑…





Thank you for your business at rectified.net.  We're writing to inform you that Rectified Networks has been acquired by Sharktech.net and our affiliate company, ChangeIP.com.  Over the coming weeks we'll be migrating active clients to Sharktech.net and ChangeIP.com, depending on what type of services you have.  We expect this transition period to be completed within about 30 days.  For most customers, there will be no service level impact as your servers and pricing are both staying in place.

 VPS customers will now be customers of ChangeIP.com.  Your VPS will stay exactly as it is, as we are taking over the entire VPS nodes.  You can keep your current price.

 Shared hosting, reseller hosting, and domain name customers will now be customers of ChangeIP.com.  Your services will stay exactly as it is, as we are taking over the infrastructure that your services are hosted on.  You can keep your current price.

 VPN customers will be contacted regarding migrating to ChangeIP.com.  You can keep your price and the service quality will be the same, but there will be changes to what IPs you connect to.  You can keep your current price.

Dedicated server customers in Sharktech locations (Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Amsterdam) will be migrated to Sharktech.net directly.  Because we already host your server, there will be no service interruption.  You can keep your current price.

Dedicated server customers in non-Sharktech locations will be put in touch with the server company Rectified was using to host your service.  You can work out arrangements with them directly and we're happy to help wherever possible.  Alternatively, if you'd like to stay with us by migrating to one of our facilities, we're happy to offer a quote for that as well.

Billing Methods
Sharktech.net and ChangeIP.com happily accept Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards.  If this is your payment method, you can continue using the same payment method.  If your payment method is Perfect Money or WebMoney, please be advised that we will no longer be accepting those payment methods.  Please contact us directly at sales@sharktech.net if you have any questions or special needs anticipated over the next 30 days.

We look forward to continue serving you as we always have, just directly now instead of through a third party.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at sales@sharktech.net and we're happy to help.








Thank you for using Rectified Networks.  At this time, your service has been restored and will continue to be online until you choose otherwise. We believe you are owed an explanation for the events over the past few days and a clear roadmap of what to expect moving forward.

Rectified Networks was built covertly by an employee of Sharktech. This employee did so during his work shift at Sharktech and leveraged his senior system administrator status to help himself to Sharktech resources, often at extremely discounted rates.  When confronted, he initially agreed that his actions were wrong and sought to make it right by turning over Rectified Networks to Sharktech. Later, he backed out of that arrangement, resulting in the freeze of Rectified Networks servers while Sharktech acquired legal consultation. At this time, the now-former employee has agreed to dissolve Rectified Networks and allow Sharktech to put all clients back online.

Moving forward, we will be issuing a free month of service to all Rectified Networks clients.  This is aimed to compensate for the inconvenience over the past few days, facilitate file access for clients who intend to cancel, and to help offer a smooth transition to Sharktech.

VPS, shared hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Amsterdam will be transferred "in place."  Your service will stay on the same infrastructure and at the same price.  The only change will who will now support and invoice for these services.

VPN customers will have some login credentials updated, but will otherwise continue to experience the same product at the same price.

Dedicated server customers in satellite locations (Kansas City, St Louis, Germany, Russia) will be put in contact with those vendors, with whom you can arrange future service.

For all clients who choose not to stay, we wish you all the best and regret that things weren't different.

For all clients who choose to stay, we look forward to bringing you 24/7 support and continued access to the same great Sharktech service that you've already been enjoying.




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